About Us

International Friends of Festival Verdi is a New York-based non-profit organization that provides individuals with the opportunity to support, preserve, and expand upon Festival Verdi through our exclusive membership program.

Festival Verdi is an acclaimed month-long festival that takes place every Autumn in Parma. The Festival is devoted to studying and staging Giuseppe Verdi’s work in an accessible and inclusive manner.

Our community is bound together by a passion for Giuseppe Verdi’s operas and the belief that this extraordinary cultural event, as well as Verdi’s work at large, should be shared with as many individuals as possible. 

The members of our organization are considered essential partners of Festival Verdi as they take substantive action to expand and enrich its classical and experimental performances, as well as its educational and outreach programs. 

We meet formally twice a year: in Parma during the Festival Verdi and in New York – or a European capital as decided by the Board. During these meetings, the Superintendent of the Teatro Regio di Parma, Mr. Luciano Messi initiates discourse with our network regarding strategies, projects, and advancements at Festival Verdi and Teatro Regio in general.

When members attend meetings and events in Parma, they also enjoy a program of performances and special privileges at the Teatro Regio that only those with a personal level of involvement with the theatre can experience (Friends, Supporters, Circles, Benefactors, and Patrons). 

We believe and share the institutional values and goals of the Teatro Regio.

Our Goals

To promote the Festival Verdi in the United States.
To ensure that Verdi’s legacy endures through time.
To educate and expand the awareness of Verdi in the United States.
To collaborate with American Theatres and stage unique Festival Verdi productions.
To create opportunities for students of opera to participate in Festival Verdi.
To create a special club for Verdi opera lovers.

Our Dream

To have an edition of Festival Verdi in the United States!

Our Committee

Founded in 2017 with the mission of supporting and fostering the growth of the Festival Verdi in Parma.

As a non-profit organization, IFFV relies on the support of generous donors to keep this festival growing and the legacy of Verdi alive!

IFFV President
James E. Miller

Teatro Regio di Parma Superintendent
Luciano Messi

Executive Director
Michael J. Bolton

IFFV Board
James E. Miller
Brian Dore
Maria Gabriella Landers
Nathan C. Zipperian
Eric L. Young

IFFV Advisory Council
Jane Oberwager
Marco Massini
Silvia Frieser

Our Benefactors

Honorary Council
Angiolo Carrara Verdi, Chair
Zaira Dalla Rosa Prati, Honorary Chair
Roberto Abbado
Maria Agresta
Renato Bruson
Francesco Izzo
Raina Kabaivanska
Leo Nucci
Renata Scotto
Graham Vick

Founding Patrons
Jane Hudson
Marco Massini
Douglas Miller
James E. Miller
Monique Olivier
Laurie Rubinow
Regina Reardon
Jane and Raffaele Scalcione
James C. Shah
John Visgilio
Eric L. Young
René and Stefania von Holstein Pallavicino

Circle 2019-2020
Ciu Travel by Maria Gabriella Landers & Brian Dore

Patrons 2019-20
Cailin Arthur
Armand Bartos
Cynthia Bear
Jillian Boyce
Anna D’Agostino
Brian Dore
John Edgar
Stephanie French
Jane Heffner
Ronald Kravitz
Maria Gabirella Landers
Elizabeth Lusskin
Phyllis Lusskin
James McClennen
Stephania McClennen
James E. Miller
Corinne H. Nevinny
Jane Oberwager
Monique Olivier
Norma Olivier
Geraldine Rizzo
Jon Rotenstreich
Susan Rotenstreich
Raffaele Scalcione
Marco Scolastra
Heidi Wendel
Mia Wendel-Dilallo
Susan Wicks

Patrons 2018-19
Corinne H. Nevinny
Douglas Miller
James E. Miller
Monique Olivier
Laurie Rubinow
Regina Reardon
Mary Sauer
James C. Shah
Eric L. Young

Circle 2018-19
Numerical LLC by Tina Salandra
Ciu Travel by Maria Gabriella Landers & Brian Dore