Gain access to special IFFV programs as well as exclusive opportunities to discover the Teatro Regio and the ravishing land of Parma.
As part of Circles you will enjoy:

  • Welcome gift
  • Letter from the Superintendent of the Teatro Regio di Parma, Mr. Luciano Messi, and the IFFV President, Mr. James E. Miller
  • Personal acknowledgment on Teatro Regio di Parma and IFFV websites, opera programs and brochures
  • Annual subscription to the Teatro Regio di Parma newsletter
  • Exclusive level of priority for the ticketing process
  • City tours and guided tour of the Teatro (upon request)
  • Immersive Backstage tour of Teatro Regio di Parma
  • Travel opportunities with the board members to discover Parma, the ravishing land of prosciutto and parmigiana