Supporting Teatro Regio’s Academies

International Friends of Festival Verdi is always looking for new ways to support educational programs that uplift artists and are centered around Verdi. This is why we are particularly dedicated to our sponsorship programs with Teatro Regio’s Academies, which include but are not limited to Accademia Verdiana, a training course for young opera singers, and Corso di Alta Sartoria , a Haute Couture training course for young tailors. 

We have the goal of supporting Teatro Regio’s academies as they help to ensure that students of all economic backgrounds have the opportunity to participate in these intensive and worthwhile programs. We also want to help make these programs as inclusive as possible and thus work to provide students from the United states with the opportunity to get involved in these Teatro Regio educational programs. 

Contact to learn more about these programs and how to contribute directly to the success of students of Teatro Regio’s Academies.