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Have you ever heard about Verdi Off?

5 February 2021

Verdi Off is the Festival Verdi collateral series of widespread events, workshops, and activities with a strong social impact. Spreading emotions, promoting cultural emancipation and integration, delighting, educating, and transmitting the fascination of the Opera, involving each spectator,enriching the lives of those who live and visit the Maestro’s lands, even in the places where music … Read more


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On Teatro Regio di Parma Side

We want to go back to the most emotional moments we spent together during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Festival Verdi editions. We were already on Teatro Regio di Parma side.Together we can achieve much more!

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There Are No Absolute Distances

4 February 2021

A message from the International Friends of Festival Verdi President, James E. Miller, with a Special Guest. Dear Friends, it’s been a few years since we began this journey with the International Friends of Festival Verdi. I still remember the first time that I entered Teatro Regio di Parma in 2016 for dress rehearsals and … Read more

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Let Us Shine!

3 February 2021

Festival Verdi XX Edition, “Scintille d’Opera” This edition was, for a series of well know reasons, very special.  “Scintille d’Opera” (Sparks of Opera) was born to make hearts shine, despite all.   The Festival Verdi was redesigned in an open-air formula – maintaining a high range of quality – and calibrated on people’s needs and Parma … Read more

The Festival Verdi Tote Bag


Made with heavy-duty ivory colored cotton canvas, with practical and large handles that allow you to wear it over your shoulder and bellows on three sides that increase it capacity conserving volume without deforming its shape

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Teatro Regio di Parma Ball Point Pen


Whether you’re writing your shopping list or creating your own opera, this handy ball point pen will do its job perfectly. With the image of the theatre in the background of the words Teatro Regio di Parma, this pen is both practical and elegant at the same time.

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Big Mask ‘Mascherone’


From the sartorial department of Teatro Regio di Parma, a perfect scale reproduction of the XX Telamone heads drawn in 1853 Verdi’s set designer Girolamo Magnani

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